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[texts]Omni Magazine (Winter 1995)

Keywords: ihe; ufo; hamid; native; tion; abduction; thai; slater; alien; native american; native americans; public key; phase space; mass abduction; west virginia; ufo abduction; steve nadis; matrix materials; wide web
Downloads: 6,472 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Best of OMNI Issue #1

Keywords: kress; kinsman; manwright; galatea; tne; corque; anc; colt; road crew; science fiction; undocumented probationary; sugar sang; ian ross; long time; short man; air force; president martinez; blind watcher
Downloads: 7,977 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1991)

Keywords: dave; star; trek; bedford; science; soviet; scientists; nate; space; star trek; soviet space; space program; stephen king; science fiction; thomas jefferson; soviet union; dave looked; ten times; nicholas meyer
Downloads: 1,290 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1978)

Keywords: ufo; ihe; space; hawkline; solar; omni; scientists; science; tion; nobel prize; science fiction; star wars; years ago; long ago; solar system; smallpox virus; special effects; radio telescope; billion years
Downloads: 12,038 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1978)

Keywords: connager; center; ufo; human; utah; omni; tion; dolphins; test tube; vitro fertilization; energy beam; blood pressure; years ago; high blood; artificial heart; utah arm; science fiction; tube babies
Downloads: 3,624 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1984)

Keywords: science; huberman; ihe; dna; omni; mississippi; mccomb; moon; thai; science teachers; nobel prize; mississippi school; cold spring; ten years; years ago; twenty years; tumor viruses; square hole; spring harbor
Downloads: 956
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1983)

Keywords: ihe; willi; nina; omni; kahn; chigier; space; gentian; soviet; killer kudzu; years ago; space shuttle; white house; south mountain; hudson institute; soviet space; scot morris; nuclear power; manned space
Downloads: 1,106
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1980)

Keywords: dom; ihe; felix; omni; space; milgram; aquare; center; science; dom felix; space program; years ago; long thin; thin wire; science fiction; ten years; grand coulee; special effects; science center
Downloads: 1,167
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1985)

Keywords: ihe; mars; truss; johnboy; candida; thai; abe; martian; jacques; thomas; isotope john; candida albicans; space station; polar caps; solar system; johnson space; eric mishara; three years; scot morris; olympus mons
Downloads: 930
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1990)

Keywords: patent; computer; ghosties; moises; omni; whimwham; matses; hoogoos; crime; patent model; hot spots; years ago; word processor; bill lawren; computer crime; ten years; social security; san francisco; personal word
Downloads: 1,004
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1992)

Keywords: omni; lava; crater; volcano; ers; earth; computer; kilauea; zone price; peanut oil; linda marsa; star trek; science fiction; lucid dreaming; gregg keizer; data highway; paul mccarthy; money order
Downloads: 1,165
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1991)

Keywords: carlotta; san; quake; earthquake; uncle; machover; james; brazilian; omni; uncle james; san francisco; loma prieta; san andreas; percent chance; bay area; tea party; space exploration; microsoft word; greenland ice
Downloads: 972
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1984)

Keywords: monroe; ihe; geo; omni; lunar; satellites; explorer; computer; leontief; ufo reports; vice president; brain waves; years ago; subliminal programming; san diego; richard wolkomir; plorer replies; nuclear weapons; manned lunar
Downloads: 1,060
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1991)

Keywords: currency; tion; global; smart; sachs; soviet; green; cards; smart cards; omni; nuclear power; green products; memory cards; credit card; common currency; science fiction; green companies; smart card; york city
Downloads: 1,115
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1990)

Keywords: visual; ihe; cells; treasure; brain; omni; cortex; rapp; hubel; visual cortex; optic nerve; central america; strange attractor; primary visual; treasure hunters; visual system; nervous system; mongoose lemur; medical school
Downloads: 844
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1992)

Keywords: silk; benveniste; scientific; conway; omni; coca; science; tion; scientists; santa cruz; nature team; three years; population control; isaac asimov; grand prize; silk farmers; population growth; keith ferrell
Downloads: 997
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1982)

Keywords: laser; ihe; omni; human; lifers; lasers; population; whitten; barbara; laser beam; growth rate; ann friedland; years ago; human beings; death rates; magnetic sense; developed countries; wall street; soviet union
Downloads: 1,113
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1993)

Keywords: space; bonaparte; sps; dmt; kubrick; dinosaur; omni; solar; dinosaurs; electrical power; south american; solar cells; red sox; north american; american dinosaurs; stanley kubrick; south america; solar system; jersey devil
Downloads: 1,054
[texts]Omni Magazine (April 1988)

Keywords: ihe; utopia; thurman; colvin; omni; utopian; bremer; pharaoh; tor; chief praiser; health care; years ago; sherry baker; mental disorder; limbic system; word processor; utopian society; social justice; human rights
Downloads: 880
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1981)

Keywords: omni; nismile; thyroid; human; tion; aging; witch; pituitary; life span; soviet union; rectal temperature; ray bradbury; walt disney; red shifts; thyroid hormone; immune system; soul painter; years ago
Downloads: 1,287
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1991)

Keywords: space; gene; pacific; greenhouse; launch; wutai; ihe; solar; cells; gene therapy; pacific rim; global warming; gene transfer; rain forest; heart disease; radio waves; private enterprise; greenhouse gases; flight simulator
Downloads: 999
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1982)

Keywords: dhea; omni; ihe; hupp; beckett; lepikov; dna; nasa; foss; agent orange; soviet union; years ago; warsaw pact; red army; randy cohen; clinical trials; air force; space shuttle; science fiction
Downloads: 1,211
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1985)

Keywords: kite; ihe; athletes; lhrh; schally; ariel; omni; soviet; psychic; kite man; side effects; lhrh agonists; magic kite; sports medicine; sex steroids; soviet psi; psi work; prostate cancer; nobel prize
Downloads: 1,061
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1980)

Keywords: elouise; ihe; omni; space; hewlish; thai; sibyl; roxanne; charlie; mother elouise; captain mack; father charlie; soviet space; father michael; love canal; dna repair; moon treaty; life span; southern california
Downloads: 1,211
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1984)

Keywords: robot; turoff; eies; omni; ihe; revelle; sheeana; hibernation; scientists; bill lawren; billion years; years ago; los angeles; body temperature; bob williams; white house; transfer robot; storage lanes; storage lane
Downloads: 910
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1990)

Keywords: mars; space; omni; universe; planet; martian; gravity; lunar; mission; space station; dark matter; cold dark; red planet; low earth; mars mission; black hole; station freedom; space exploration; president bush
Downloads: 935
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1979)

Keywords: lunar; moon; space; omni; rocks; interferon; empath; ufo; apollo; science fiction; years ago; lunar soil; space colonization; moon rocks; billion years; mass driver; human nervous
Downloads: 1,511
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1985)

Keywords: ufo; ihe; ufos; thai; kurzweil; jeff; meechum; omni; electromagnetic; air force; blue book; uncle lou; ufo phenomenon; magnetic fields; human race; electromagnetic fields; ufo reports; close encounters; magnetic field
Downloads: 974
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1983)

Keywords: lizbeth; mhd; beth; omni; fractal; liz; stan; carl; chattey; usha devi; blood pressure; star wars; flight engineer; woo lin; years ago; side effects; natural selection; lizbeth felt; judith hooper
Downloads: 1,264
[texts]Omni Magazine (April 1986)

Keywords: omni; sarah; george; ihe; thai; charley; puzzle; innis; sexual; years ago; charley hughes; sex organs; sarah feels; air force; white house; prairie dogs; three times; george jordan; hughes sat
Downloads: 912
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1985)

Keywords: garrett; disagree; ihe; embryo; kyle; embryos; omni; cory; fetus; agree neutral; host mother; male pregnancy; fertilized egg; vitro fertilization; years ago; kathy keeton; artificial insemination; ten years; owen davies
Downloads: 943
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1993)

Keywords: ozone; hiv; immune; cfcs; virus; aids; scientists; omni; thai; immune system; star wars; ozone layer; national academy; global warming; immune response; parasite load; ozone hole; male coercion; grand prix
Downloads: 1,025
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1981)

Keywords: ihe; omni; space; tion; thai; human; galileo; hsieh; theon; human beings; star flight; solar system; martian laser; madalyn murray; los angeles; billy graham; time clock; ten years; nucleic acid
Downloads: 1,374
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1984)

Keywords: ihe; wade; reinisch; omni; kinsey; cerro; dorphy; thai; inca; cerro plomo; solar system; sex hormones; inca child; cerro toro; years ago; killing machine; sperm bank; tippe top; serial killers
Downloads: 916
[texts]Omni Magazine (November 1988)

Keywords: pressman; ihe; omni; universe; fly; hair; drug; siegel; hackers; mass density; critical mass; scot morris; hair analysis; sherry baker; phase transition; left hand; youthful folly; years ago; video game
Downloads: 864
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1994)

Keywords: lucid; laberge; omni; intuition; dreams; ufo; campbell; alternative; groom; lucid dreaming; air force; lucid dreams; science fiction; hard science; alternative medicine; groom lake; learning machine; lucid dream; white sides
Downloads: 1,198
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1992)

Keywords: gluzman; omni; kgb; psychiatric; ment; ufo; psychiatry; lambo; ers; three years; great law; traditional healers; team leader; star trek; science fiction; sandy fritz; mental illness; treasure hunt; tom dworetzky
Downloads: 887
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1993)

Keywords: fox; dinosaurs; jurassic; sapo; dinosaur; pablo; omni; dna; tion; jurassic park; health care; science fiction; rain forest; heavy hitters; york city; pediatric aids; fox looked; dinosaur dna; years ago
Downloads: 1,123
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1994)

Keywords: lightning; kite; omni; hurricane; beizer; stormfury; learning; space; storms; eye wall; big bang; supercooled water; kennedy space; space center; lightning hits; select comfort; learning disc; language learning; dark matter
Downloads: 1,227
[texts]Omni Magazine (May 1979)

Keywords: ihe; space; ufo; omni; thai; soviet; sonar; kilometers; soviet space; loch ness; tropical forest; gulf stream; science fiction; cybernetic war; years ago; solar system; tropical rain; three years
Downloads: 3,867
[texts]Omni Magazine (June 1984)

Keywords: mirasol; ned; omni; ihe; thai; lipkis; turnbull; nuclear; crawler; los angeles; word processor; coral castle; solar system; scot morris; hubble constant; bionic bat; billion years; word processing; soviet union
Downloads: 972
[texts]Best of OMNI Issue #5

Keywords: cunningham; eli; hewlish; san; christensen; vickers; roxanne; angels; captain mack; science fiction; space ships; soul painter; san francisco; robert silverberg; total television; television heaven; body ball; eli blair
Downloads: 1,719
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1981)

Keywords: ihe; omni; thai; murdock; neon; mcconnell; sexual; freddy; teddy; love canal; years ago; nobel prize; naked eye; magnetic field; incredible shrinking; human beings; blue car; shrinking woman; sexual activity
Downloads: 1,090
[texts]Omni Magazine (February 1991)

Keywords: johnson; chemical; puthoff; ihe; ames; omni; weapons; science; chemicals; point energy; treasure hunt; great treasure; physical review; chemical weapons; years ago; public health; microsoft word; life expectancy; fire ants
Downloads: 1,057
[texts]Omni Magazine (October 1986)

Keywords: ihe; aging; longevity; omni; bobby; cells; life; brain; skin; life span; life extension; air force; immune system; aging process; dna damage; human life; free radicals; aging clock; years ago
Downloads: 1,727
[texts]Omni Magazine (April 1980)

Keywords: jerry; omni; dom; ihe; black; gravity; felix; hal; energy; black hole; dom felix; black holes; jerry fagin; science fiction; gravity waves; sps system; years ago; hole technology; billion years
Downloads: 1,423
[texts]Omni Magazine (August 1983)

Keywords: brain; ellerway; human; omni; science; teparit; sperry; synchrotron; scientists; air force; life span; vital forces; superman iii; left hemisphere; years ago; los alamos; human evolution; human brain; brain size
Downloads: 971
[texts]Omni Magazine (September 1986)

Keywords: ihe; palmerston; omni; kondran; arthur; kondrai; thai; space; entry; sue anne; walter drake; los angeles; birgit nilson; green wool; solar system; three times; san francisco; rooming house; micro eye
Downloads: 1,006
[texts]Omni Magazine (March 1982)

Keywords: ihe; reichenbach; lucid; keeva; genes; laforest; omni; thai; laberge; lucid dreams; body temperature; dark room; los angeles; life span; total solar; super paper; san diego; red blood; lucid dreaming
Downloads: 1,424
[texts]Omni Magazine (July 1987)

Keywords: ihe; orangutans; sety; roda; orangutan; thai; omm; eady; omni; omm sety; immune system; tanjung puting; star trek; family doctor; inner earth; dorothy eady; imam abdel; sherry baker; moon buggy
Downloads: 939
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